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Why train with a small firm?

Whilst all trainee Chartered Accountants study for the same professional exams, their work environment and experience will vary considerably depending on the type of organisation with whom they train. The key aspects of training with a small general practice accountancy firm, like Richardsons, include:

  • Broad work experience across a range of areas including auditaccounts preparationcorporate and personal tax work, VAT, management accounting, training and systems development, and forecasting.
  • Early opportunities to develop your own client portfolio, working with both accounting staff and owner-managers.
  • Opportunities to get involved in practice development.
  • Becoming a valued member of the team, and making a significant contribution to both the firm’s income and your clients’ businesses.
  • Meeting businesspeople from a wide range of industries and environments, and getting an insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by their businesses, and the ways in which they can be approached.

When considering the type of organisation with which you wish to train, it may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions …

  • Do I want to work in a large organisation with a hierarchical management structure, or am I better suited to working as part of a smaller, more informally structured team?
  • Do I want to work as part of a large team on major projects, or on lots of smaller assignments that I can manage myself or as part of a small group?
  • Do I want to do lots of travelling, or would I prefer to be office-based with some days out visiting clients?
  • Do I want to specialise in, say, audit or tax, or would I prefer to work across a wide variety of disciplines?
  • Is it important to me to train with a firm that has a national or international reputation?

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