Audit & Assurance

Our friendly audit team provides you with a first-class audit experience.  They use their expert knowledge to understand your company and its industry and support you with regular updates on progress and clarify findings. 

Some entities are required to have an audit, others have one voluntarily.  It is a valuable check of the results and review of accounting systems of your company.  Where a statutory audit is not required, additional assurance can be provided by an assurance review.  This can be more cost effective.

 Auditors must be registered with one of the recognised bodies.  We are a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW), a leading global professional body.

 We have vast experience working with science and technology companies and perform grant audits for a number of bodies.  

 Please contact one of our partners, or directors to discuss your audit requirements: Alison Richardson, Andrew King, Bernie Hawkes, Jemima King, or Ria Leadbetter.


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