Tax Advantaged Share Schemes (EMI/EIS/SEIS)

Maximising your investment benefits

Tax-advantaged share schemes can be crucial for company growth and rewarding investment. We specialise in ensuring that your company maximises the benefits of Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS).

How we help with enterprise management incentives (EMI)

Our services for EMI are designed to assist companies in offering tax-efficient share options to key employees. We guide you through the process of setting up an EMI scheme, ensuring compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) regulations and that your scheme aligns with the company’s growth objectives. By utilising EMI, your company can offer options on up to £3 million of share capital, providing significant tax relief to your employees when they exercise their options.

How we help with enterprise investment schemes (EIS)

Our expertise with EIS allows us to support companies in raising capital by offering tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares. We ensure your offerings meet the conditions for EIS, enabling investors to claim sizable tax credits back on their investments, subject to limits.

How we help with seed enterprise investment schemes (SEIS)

SEIS is specifically tailored to aid early-stage companies in raising equity finance by offering tax incentives to individual investors who buy new shares in your company. Our team ensures your SEIS compliance, helping your investors reap significant tax benefits whilst providing your fledgling enterprise with essential capital to blossom.

We take pride in providing a first-rate service that aligns with your company’s aim to utilise tax-advantaged share schemes efficiently and compliantly.

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Helping you with legal and regulatory considerations

When getting involved with tax-advantaged share schemes such as the Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI), the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), it is paramount to be conscientious of the legal and regulatory frameworks involved. The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) plays a pivotal role in the oversight and approval of these schemes.

Our approach includes ensuring compliance with the Companies Act, particularly concerning shareholder agreements and corporate structure. For a trading company to qualify for schemes like EMI, it must satisfy specific conditions, including limitations on gross assets and the number of employees.

Sound professional advice

We always recommend seeking bespoke legal advice to align the structure of share schemes with the company’s long-term business goals and to ensure remuneration strategies meet regulatory capital requirements.

We stand prepared to assist with the complexities of setting up share option plans that are compliant and beneficial for both the company and its employees. Our team exhibits vigour and commitment, guiding through the process with meticulous attention to each statutory provision and its applicability to your company’s unique situation.

Our commitment to you

We pledge to guide you competently through every stage. The following points underscore our dedication:

  • Initial consultation: We conduct a no-obligation initial discussion to understand your requirements thoroughly.
  • Application process: Our team assists you in the careful preparation of your EMI, EIS, or SEIS application, maximising the likelihood of approval.
  • Navigating legislation: We demystify the complex legal jargon and legislative changes, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Our approach is attentive and bespoke, ensuring your unique business needs are met with the highest standard of professionalism. Let us help you secure the full benefits of these rewarding schemes.

Meet the tax advantaged share schemes team

Tax-advantaged share schemes, like EMI, EIS, and SEIS, are pivotal for company growth and investor rewards. Our expertise ensures you harness the full potential of these schemes while remaining compliant with HMRC regulations.

For Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), we guide you in setting up schemes, aligning with growth goals and offering tax-efficient share options to key employees. With EIS, we assist in raising capital by ensuring compliance for investors to claim tax reliefs. Similarly, our support for SEIS aids early-stage companies in raising equity finance while providing tax incentives to investors.

Count on the meticulous guidance from our team to maximise benefits and compliance. Contact Richardsons to optimise your investment strategies.

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Leanne Hickman

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James Ellin

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