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A structured financial foundation is vital for success in any startup’s crucial early stages. Our firm offers comprehensive accounting services tailored specifically to meet startups’ unique needs. From initial setup to strategic planning, we ensure businesses begin their journey on firm financial footing.

Support from experienced accountants

Our team of dedicated accountants brings a wealth of experience to the table, prepared to guide startups through all aspects of financial management and company formation. Services we provide include:

VAT registration and compliance: Assisting startups with comprehensive VAT registration and timely completion of returns.

Financial reporting: Preparation of management accounts that accurately reflect business performance.

Budgeting and planning: Detailed budget setting and operating plans to drive business growth.

Business plan creation: Developing robust business plans for clear strategic direction.

Cash flow management: Crafting precise cashflow projections to ensure financial stability.

Expense forecasting: Providing trading forecasts and operating budgets to anticipate future financial conditions.

Funding advice: Offering insights on optimal sources of funding that align with specific business needs.

Statutory registrations: Completing all necessary registration procedures with HMRC and Companies House efficiently.

We take pride in delivering a package of services as dynamic and ambitious as the startups we support. Through our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we not only meet but exceed our clients’ accounting needs.

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How we help

When embarking on the journey of creating a new venture, businesses are met with critical legal and financial steps. Our advisory service is meticulously designed to steer you through these pivotal initial stages, ensuring your business is robust from the outset.

Companies House requirements

Sole Traders and Limited Companies must adhere to distinct Companies House protocols during company formation. For sole traders, the process is streamlined but it is vital to register accurately for tax purposes. On the other hand, limited companies face a more complex registration process which includes submitting a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, a task our experts are well-equipped to handle.

Sole trader registration: Guidance on self-assessment registration and National Insurance obligations.

Limited company formation: Complete assistance in preparing documentation and fulfilling statutory registration requirements.

Setting up a business bank account

A crucial early step for any startup involves setting up a dedicated business bank account. This is not only a practical move for managing finances but often a legal necessity, especially for limited companies.

Sole traders: While not obligatory, a separate business account is recommended to clarify finances.

Limited companies: It is a requisite to have a distinct account, which our advisors can help establish with the most suitable banking institution, according to your business needs and size.

Ensuring your business plan aligns with these foundational elements is part of our holistic approach. We collaborate closely with you to develop a plan that serves as a solid blueprint for your business’s future.

We manage your ongoing financial obligations

A robust system for managing financial obligations is vital to ensuring seamless financial operations for your business. This not only secures compliance with regulatory requirements but also provides crucial financial insights to steer your business decisions.

Regular management accounts preparation

Preparing regular management accounts is critical in providing timely and precise financial information. We help with:

Income and expenditure: A thorough review of the income streams and outgoings.

Asset and liability balances: Detailed insight into the company’s standing.

Cash flow statements: Essential for understanding the liquidity of the business.

Payroll summaries: Ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time, which contributes to staff morale and legal compliance.

Pension contributions: Calculating and managing employer and employee contributions for prudent financial planning.

Meeting filing deadlines with Companies House and HMRC

Compliance with filing deadlines is not just a matter of legal necessity; it reflects the reliability and integrity of your business. Timely filing with Companies House and HMRC is pivotal both for compliance and for maintaining the company’s good standing. Key compliance details we oversee include:

Annual returns and accounts: Submissions must be accurate and punctual.

Corporation tax: Correct calculation and timely payment to avoid penalties.

Confirmation statements: Regular submissions confirming the accuracy of the company’s recorded details.

VAT returns: Depending on the scheme, quarterly or monthly filings must be precise to ensure accurate tax liability.

By letting us manage these tasks, you will uphold your legal duties and position yourself advantageously for future financial scrutiny and analysis.

Meet the business advisory team

Kickstart your financial journey with Richardsons’ business advisory and corporate finance team, dedicated to guiding startups and established businesses alike. Our experienced accountants provide a comprehensive range of services tailored for each stage of your business growth—from VAT registration and compliance to the creation of robust business plans and strategic financial forecasting.

We specialise in setting a strong financial foundation with detailed budget planning, cashflow management, and insightful funding advice. Our proactive support ensures that your business not only meets but exceeds financial compliance and performance expectations. Join us at Richardsons to transform your business finances and achieve sustainable growth.

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Jack Armstrong

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