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At our firm, it’s our mission to deliver more than mere payroll processing; we focus on nurturing trust-based partnerships with our clients. Our dedication ensures that every inch of your payroll needs are tailored to provide swift, precise, and consistent service throughout the year.

Our payroll offerings encompass a wide array of services:

HMRC liaison: We manage communication with HM Revenue & Customs for all PAYE matters, ensuring your obligations are met succinctly.

Personalised payroll documentation: Each pay period, we provide bespoke payroll records matching your business’s specific needs.

Statutory compliance: We prepare legal documentation like P45s and P60s for your staff.

Employee lifecycle management: Whether it’s handling starters or leavers or administering statutory payments for sickness or parental leave, we’ve got it covered.

Pensions administration: Calculations and deductions for employee and employer pension contributions are meticulously performed.

One of our primary concerns is the secure handling of sensitive payroll data, and we employ robust measures to remain aligned with the General Data Protections Regulation act.

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Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our innovative solution to payroll data transparency and accessibility lies in using PayDashboard, an intuitive platform offering:

Secure transfer and encryption of payroll details

Instant alerts for employees when new pay data is posted

Visual payroll overviews and detailed payslip information

Direct communication channel between employees and employer for payroll inquiries

Stringent security protocols, firmly in line with ISO 27001 standards

Comprehensible audit trails for uncompromised traceability

For businesses seeking a streamlined payroll process with fortified security, our solutions are geared to enhance efficiency and foster business growth while managing the complexities of payroll. Should you require further information or have specific payroll inquiries, our team can guide you through.

Payroll assistance

Targeted support

We cater to a diverse range of clients by understanding the unique demands of managing payrolls within their organisations. Our commitment lies in forging strong client partnerships, enabling us to address your distinct payroll requirements effectively.

Our scope of support encompasses a direct line of communication with HMRC for PAYE issues, bespoke payroll document preparation for each period, statutory forms like P45s and P60s, management of changes including new starters or leavers, and statutory payments such as parental or sick pay.

Beyond this, we manage the calculation and deduction of pension contributions for employees and employers and set up or close PAYE schemes as needed.

Service costing

The cost of our payroll services is structured to offer flexibility, allowing us to adapt to the scale and complexity of your business operations. For detailed pricing information tailored to your business needs, please contact our team for a personalised quote.


Small Businesses: Solutions designed to support growth and compliance.

Larger Corporations: Bespoke services for comprehensive requirements.

International Businesses: Global expertise for cross-border payroll processing.

Our offerings are based on advanced payroll technology, ensuring secure and efficient handling of sensitive information in line with GDPR, backed by robust data protection protocols. 

To discover more about how we can assist with your payroll needs, please contact us. Our dedicated team is eager to support you.

Corporate payroll services

We at Richardsons are committed to providing stellar payroll management. Our team works closely with companies to address custom requirements, aiming for efficiency and precision throughout the year. Our comprehensive service includes:

HM Revenue & Customs communication: Direct liaison concerning PAYE.

Custom documentation: Bespoke payroll paperwork for each period.

Statutory forms: Completion and issuance of P45 and P60 forms.

Staff movements: Management of new hires, departures, statutory payments like parental and sick pay, and redundancy procedures.

Pension management: Calculation and application of contributions for both employees and employers.

PAYE administration: Efficient establishment or termination of PAYE schemes.

Data security forms the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We provide robust measures to protect sensitive information.

Our innovative PayDashboard portal grants staff access to e-payslips and features:

Secure data management

Encrypted information during transfer and storage

Instant notifications for new payslips

Visual displays of earnings and deductions

Efficient employer query communication within the portal

High-security standards with ISO 27001 certification

Comprehensive audit trails

Meet the payroll team

Our payroll team prioritises nurturing trust-based partnerships with our clients, delivering swift, precise, and consistent payroll services year-round. Our offerings encompass HMRC liaison, personalised payroll documentation, statutory compliance, employee lifecycle management, and pensions administration.

Data protection is paramount, and we employ robust measures aligned with GDPR standards. Our innovative solution, PayDashboard, offers secure data transfer, instant alerts, visual overviews, and stringent security protocols.

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, our flexible and tailored payroll solutions ensure efficiency, compliance, and data security. Contact us today to streamline your payroll process and foster business growth.

Wendy Elliott

Wendy Elliott

Payroll Manager

Harry Briançon-Munday

Harry Briançon-Munday

Payroll Manager

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