Apprenticeship opportunities

Embark on your career journey with Richardsons through our apprenticeship program, designed to provide hands-on experience and a solid foundation in accounting and finance. Our program is tailored for those eager to jumpstart their careers immediately after school, offering the unique opportunity to earn while you learn. As an apprentice, you will work alongside experienced professionals, gaining invaluable insights and practical skills in real-world settings. We support your journey toward professional qualifications, providing all the resources needed to succeed. At Richardsons, we are committed to developing future leaders, offering mentorship, structured training, and a pathway to a rewarding career in a supportive and dynamic environment. Join us and transform your potential into excellence.

Unfortunately, we do not have any current vacancies here at Richardsons. Keep checking back for updates on available positions. Alternatively, please feel free to send your CV to

The benefits of an apprenticeship with Richardsons

 An apprenticeship with Richardsons offers numerous benefits designed to launch your career in accounting with a strong foundation. You’ll earn a competitive salary while learning, avoiding the debt often associated with university tuition. Our program pairs you with seasoned mentors and exposes you to a variety of accounting practices, ensuring a well-rounded experience. We emphasise professional growth, providing support for obtaining key accounting qualifications. Beyond technical skills, you’ll develop critical soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork, which are essential in today’s business environment. With Richardsons, you gain not just a job, but a pathway to a prosperous career, backed by a commitment to your long-term success.

Work for us: Dedicated to developing top-tier talent

We believe that our strength lies in our people. We are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the brightest minds in accounting. Our training programs are meticulously designed to ensure that each member of our team is not only proficient in the latest accounting practices but also equipped with the skills to handle the unique challenges presented by our diverse client base. We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging our team to pursue professional qualifications and participate in ongoing training sessions.

Our commitment to training encompasses a hands-on approach where team members work closely with seasoned professionals to gain practical experience while also engaging in formal educational programs. This dual approach ensures that our team is well-rounded and prepared to provide the highest level of service. By investing in our people, we not only enhance their careers but also ensure that our clients benefit from the most informed and innovative accounting practices available today.

“Richardsons have helped us for many years. We have always been impressed by the team’s expertise and understanding of our complex and diverse businesses. They have a personal, professional and proactive approach and are always available. They provide us with expert advice in relation to our annual accounts, audit, tax compliance and tax planning. Not only are they very professional and proficient accountants but they are a thoroughly pleasant team of
people to do business with.”

Robert Muir

Managing Director, E.P. Barrus Limited


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