Innovate UK has published its Innovation Design Strategy for the next four years. This strategy builds on the strategy published in 2015. Innovate UK wishes to encourage effective innovation which ‘includes design activities to create solutions that are better, more desirable and fit-for-purpose’.
Innovate UK is focusing on four themes which aim to meet business’ needs.

  • Making the case for investment in design.
  • Reducing the cost of entry for those new to design.
  • Helping businesses access the best design talent.
  • Helping businesses maximise the value contribution of design.

The programme will include dedicated grant funding and broader initiatives, which will be assessed against their success criteria to ensure that they deliver value.
Innovate UK will work with industry partners and the government to deliver these goals.
In the strategy Innovate UK sets out the steps for good design and innovation. They believe that there is a significant global market opportunity and the UK has the capability to become a global leader in design. This is demonstrated by the existing collaborations between the technology and design sectors in the UK.
The government is committed to increasing R&D investment and Innovate UK believes that they can add value by helping UK companies understand, access, and use design more efficiently.
‘Innovate UK’s vision is for the UK to be among the very best places in the world for businesses to grow and maximise their positive economic, societal and environmental impacts. This is encouraged through investing in innovation and giving businesses of all sizes and in all sectors access to the investment, knowledge, partners and markets they need.’ – Dr Ian Campbell, Executive Chair, Innovate UK.
The strategy document can be found here.

Written by Laura Hankey