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Running a payroll in-house is becoming an increasingly complicated task. It is time consuming and it’s very easy to make mistakes. As well as coping with statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay and student loan repayments, employers are now also expected to cope with tax credit payments and the new two-tier rates of employee’s National Insurance.

It makes very little sense for a small business to process its own payroll.

Richardsons Payroll Services provide a speedy, efficient and accurate payroll processing service. We can run weekly, four weekly or monthly payrolls. In contrast to most providers, we are happy to accept instructions from you in the format most convenient to you - you don't have to complete forms using tables of complicated codes. This gives our clients more time to spend on more productive tasks.

Although most of our clients are also clients of Richardsons Chartered Accountants, we also have numerous clients who have no association with our accountancy practice.

Our rates are:

Number of Employees    Charge per Month    Charge per Payslip   
1 - 5 £37.50 £-
6 - 20 £9.00 £5.60
21 - 40 £23.00 £4.90
40 £35.00 £4.60

The above charges apply to monthly payrolls, and are exclusive of V.A.T. Rates for weekly or other period payrolls are available on request. In addition to the above, there is an initial set-up charge equivalent to one month’s fees for new payrolls or those taken over at the start of the tax year, and equivalent to three months’ fees for payrolls transferred during the tax year. The above rates include, if required, the preparation of cheques or forms for input to bank transfer systems.

The service includes: -

  • Maintenance of PAYE, SSP & SMP records
  • Notification of monthly (or quarterly) PAYE & NI liability
  • Preparation of forms P45, P14/P60, P35

For more information on how we can help in this area, please call or email Wendy Elliott or Harry Munday. The telephone number for Richardsons Payroll Services is 01844 261298.