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What's special about Richardsons?

If you think that training with a small firm might be right for you, then you may be interested to know more about life as a trainee at Richardsons.

You will get involved in client work in your first day or two with the firm, and will soon find yourself communicating directly with both clients and organisations such as H M Revenue & Customs. Each of our clients is looked after by a team consisting of a director and up to five accounting staff, so you will quickly develop a portfolio of clients with whom you have worked. This approach means that you will be fully supported by the other staff involved with the client, whilst developing your own knowledge and skills.

The firm’s induction process aims to get you started as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring that you do not feel out of your depth. Each trainee is also assigned a mentor who will provide additional support throughout his or her training contract. Each room in our office houses up to ten staff from new trainees to fully qualified accountants, so there is always someone nearby to answer queries and chat through any technical issues you may have.

As well as client work, staff at Richardsons have the opportunity to be involved in practice management and development. We have four committees that are run by staff:

  • Social Committee
  • IT Committee
  • Continuous Improvement Committee
  • Learning and Development Group

Getting involved as either a full committee member or by helping with individual projects is a good way to get experience of business issues outside the technical work undertaken for clients.

As you gain experience, you will also find yourself becoming increasingly involved in training less-experienced staff, and supervising projects. This will help you to develop good communication, prioritisation, IT, and management skills, alongside your technical knowledge.

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