If you are based in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc or involved in the space sector, or one of the many sectors related to it such as environment or transport, you should certainly take a look at the Developing the Space Sector in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc report.

Our client, Red Kite Management Consulting Limited, was commissioned by Satellite Applications Catapult and UK Space Agency to prepare this independent review which identifies opportunities and challenges across the Arc’s space sector.  It also sets out a vision and action plan to maximise the potential in the space sector across the Arc.

According to Robin Tucker, Founder and Managing Director of Red Kite Management Consulting Limited, the report concludes that the space sector is in good shape, and the greatest opportunity is to combine regional space capabilities with other technical and academic capabilities to tackle the biggest challenges facing society in the Arc, across the country, and across the planet.

Alison Richardson and Simon Husband of Richardsons were delighted to be interviewed by Robin to contribute to the report.

Janet Rochford

Marketing Manager