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31st August 2012

Something - probably just coincidence - has resulted in quite a bit of my time recently being spent involved in our various sponsorship activities.  On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of sitting on the dry run panel for OEI (Oxford Early Investments) which is one of the local Business Angel networks raising funds for very early-stage high-growth and technology-based companies. We've sponsored OEI for some time now, and the dry runs are an opportunity for each presenting company to get feedback from investors and professionals on their “pitch”.  For me, it’s a fascinating opportunity to see a wide variety of projects and ideas, and to help put together some of the building blocks needed to get a successful enterprise off the ground.

On Thursday, I experienced the exact opposite of a “dry run”.  At Bucks County Show – another organisation we are pleased to sponsor – the weather had turned the ground to mud.  This detracted a little from the wide variety of trades, animals, activities and competitions, but it was still a great day out.

Let’s hope the weather has improved a little by next weekend, because 6th September sees the start of the Blenheim Horse Trials.  It is yet another event sponsored by Richardsons, and I’m hoping for fair weather on Saturday 8th for the main Cross Country.  Have a look at their website and come along!

Finally, I’m looking forward to the 21st September, when the next Harwell Business Breakfast takes place.  Details can be found on their website, and we’ve been delighted to sponsor these meetings as they are great opportunities for meeting all sorts of people involved in technology-related entrepreneurship.

Here’s hoping I see you at one or more of the many things we sponsor!