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The Patent Box

11th September 2012

Richardsons have teamed up with patent attorneys Dehns, our fellow sponsors of OEI and of the Harwell Business Breakfasts, to put together a “Patent Box Readiness” audit for SMEs.  Last week, one of our clients, who had very kindly agreed to fulfil the role of “Lab Rat”, was subjected to an experiment lasting for an intense two and a half hours, at the end of which we had all learned a great deal.  Our friendly volunteer was Roger Churchill of Lohmann, a worldwide group of innovative engineers specialising in bonding and technical adhesive tape solutions, and we thank Roger for his patience and assistance!

We have taken on board the issues that arose at the meeting and, together with Laura Ramsay from Dehns, we are working on tightening up our audit to ensure that we can, painlessly, extract from our SME clients the necessary information to ascertain and evaluate the availability, potential costs and benefits, and applicability of the Patent Box when it comes into force in April 2013.  If you think the Patent Box legislation might apply to you, please get in touch.

If you have any questions about this new, key piece of legislation, please contact Alison Richardson or me.