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Appreciation for a "Hawk"

19th February 2015

Last week, Richardsons and and their guests were treated to the privilege of a presentation entitled "Sustaining the Economic Recovery" given by Dr Andrew Sentance CBE.

Andrew is a Senior Economic Adviser at PwC, but before he took on that role in 2011, he was a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, where he gained the reputation of being a "Hawk" - an enthusiast for interest-rate rises - which he seems to be happy to sustain.  To an audience cheered by a hearty breakfast at The Oxfordshire, he outlined, in a very interesting and informative manner, the UK and world economic environments, and then went on to give an upbeat and optimistic view - admittedly with a few caveats - about the sustainability of the UK's economic recovery.  He did not fail, however, to indicate and reinforce his view that UK interest rates will - and indeed should - start to undergo modest increases in a relatively short time-scale.

The full content of Andrew's presentation can be found here.  You can follow him on Twitter!